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Coronavirus Update

COVID-19 Update (16 January 2022)

Vaccinated or not, you are welcome to attend. However we ask that you stick with the COVID guidelines of face masks, social distancing and hand sanitising. For the wellness of the congregation, if you are unwell please stay home. (please see Government Guidelines below)

9am Service – We will be streaming the service on our Facebook page for those who can’t attend in person

(Sign Language Interpretation provided)

5 pm Night Service – we will not yet start up the Night Services due to the extremely high numbers of COVID. Sorry everyone. Keep posted here and on Facebook for further updates.

PLEASE NOTE: All Children/Youth Ministries have been pushed back two weeks in line with the school start date set by the government.

For ministry information please contact the Church office.

GOVERNMENT GUIDELINES: The ongoing advice regarding COVID from the Government is that we are to continue to wear our masks when we gather on Sunday in all areas of the auditorium and hall. If you are feeling unwell, please stay away as it is right for us to isolate so as not to potentially infect anybody else. Please note also, that if you are a close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID, you will need to isolate for at least 7 days from the time you discovered you were a close contact. In order to come out of isolation, you need to have tested negative to a COVID test on the 6th day. Having said that, it is good practice to beware of the needs of others as we practice our freedom in Christ. 

Please note check-in via QR Code is no longer a requirement for Church. 

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