nightservice – 18th January 2015

‘Our potential is God’s gift to us, what we do with that potential is our gift to God’.

This week Pastor Damon’s message is filled with encouragement, faith and one simple question: What are you willing to give? Focusing on the stories of those in the Bible who gave what little they had (2 Kings: 4; Matthew 25:14-30) this weeks sermon demonstrates that no matter how little we have to give, as long as we give it in faith, it will be made mighty in God’s hands. The challenge? To step out in faith and invest in this life wholeheartedly. We are encouraged to give God our all, no matter how big or small  it is, because in faith and in His hands our potential, our talents, our love and life will be made wondrously large and He will do great things with them. No one can argue that truly, little things, in the hand of God, become great things.

Have a listen, and take up the challenge. What are you willing to give?

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